Neelam Tewar


Call it your gut, instinct we all have the, “I was right the first time .”

Ever have that feeling? The one where you instinctively and intellectually felt that you were right about the person or situation and in time, you were proven right?


Did you wonder why you went against what you processed accurately? Or maybe you thought you were overthinking it? Have you changed your mind even when you saw red flags?


Or given someone multiple chances knowing full well you’ll be let down for trusting them yet another time?


We’ve all been through some version of this and for some of us, the learning takes time and for others they learn at the first few experiences.


That voice of reason, that feeling that you can’t quite put a finger on is your innate ability to think critically and intelligently with both the information presented, and not.


So how do you nurture your critical intelligence?


3 ways to keep your critical intelligence active and alive:

Take stock and reflect
Don’t be in a hurry to decide or to act on anything till fully reflecting on it – talk it out loud with yourself or someone you trust or journal down the pros and cons. This will help you get clarity on how to proceed.


Kiss feeling guilty goodbye
When you replace thanking your critical intelligence by shaming or guilting yourself, you weaken that mental muscle that protects your well-being and resources. Guilt is a low-level emotion, escape the trap.


Make more ‘critical intelligence’ based decisions
The only way we can trust enough to listen to ourselves and our gut feelings is by exercising our critical intelligence vs.bypassing what we recognize at first brush. 

If we listen to that inner voice and our intelligence, that processes information critically – in black and white without trying to mask what our senses or natural instincts are trying to alert us toward.

In the long run mastering this skill will conserve your energy, foster focus and preserve your time instead of learning expensive life lessons.

Rise above the fold,